Cao Liqun Professor Ph.D. Multiscale computation
Chen Xikang Professor Ph.D. Operation research
Chen Yufu Professor Ph.D. Symbolic computation in nonlinear system; Differential algebra
Chen Zhiming Professor Ph.D. Finite element method; Maxwell equations; Flow transport in porous media
Dai Yuhong Professor Ph.D. Nonlinear optimization
Duan Haibao Professor Ph.D. Geometric topology
Fang Haitao Professor Ph.D. Stochastic optimization and systems control; Markov desicion processes and its application; Blind identification and equlization
Gao Suixiang Professor Ph.D. Optimization theory and algorithms;Communication network optimization
Ge Liming Professor Ph.D. Functional analysis
Guo Tiande Professor Ph.D. Optimization theory and algorithms;Mathematical theory and algorithms in wavelet analysis and applications, biometrics;Optimal design of a router switch fabric, wireless network optimization;Geometric random graph and sensor networks.