Tang Yifa Professor Ph.D. Symplectic algorithms for Hamiltonian systems; Numerical analysis of fractional differential equations with applications
Wang Shouyang Professor Ph. D. Decision analysis; Conflict analysis and systems engineering
Wang Song Professor Ph.D. Number theory; Automorphic forms
Xi Zairong Professor Ph.D. Control theory
Xiao Liang Professor Ph.D. Differential geometry
Xu Xiaoping Professor Ph.D. Lie algebras; Vertex operator algebras; Partial differential equations; Self-dual lattices and codes
Xu Xuejun Professor Ph.D. Finite element method; Domain decomposition
Xu Zhang Professor Ph.D. System and control theory
Yan Dunyan Professor Ph.D. Harmonic analysis in Euclidean spaces;Time-frequency analysis;Wavelet analysis to image processing;Approximation
Yang Cuihong Professor Ph.D. Input-output techniques; Economic forecasting; Econometrics