Hong Yiguang Professor Ph.D. Nonlinear control; Complex systems; Multi-agent network; Robotics; Power systems; Social dynamics; Communication and software reliability
Hu Xiaoyu Professor Ph.D. Sample path properties and fractal properties of Stochastic processes;Markov process in random environment
Hu Xingbiao Professor Ph.D. Soliton theory and integrable systems
Jiao Xiaoxiang Professor Ph.D. Global differential geometry
Li Yuan Professor Ph.D. Computational fluid dynamics
Li Ziming Professor Ph.D. Computer algebra; Differential and difference algebras
Ming Pingbing Professor Ph.D. Finite element methods; Nonconforming methods; Multiscale modelling and computation
Sun Xiaotao Professor Ph.D. Algebraic geometry
Sun Yijing Professor Ph.D. Nonlinear functional analysis; Partial differential equations
Tang Guoping Professor Ph.D. Algebra; Algebraic geometry