Welcome to the school of mathematical sciences of UCAS. Mathematics is one of the oldest academic subjects and has developed alongside the human race. It can find important uses in virtually all facets of scientific, commercial and industrial activity. Our school is fast evolving into a major graduate education center for mathematics of CAS. The school mainly offers the degree programs of Master of Science and Ph.D. in the disciplines of pure mathematics, statistics, applied mathematics and computational mathematics.

       The faculty of the school consists of full-time teachers of the school and the part-time teachers from the institutes of CAS. They committed to scholarship, creative work and community services. The aim of the school is to pursue excellence in Mathematics through teaching and research and we are achieving our objectives with the help of our highly qualified and distinguished faculty of national and international repute.

      The links of the website will take you to information about our faculty, graduate programs, courses offered, news and events, and other useful information for students.


Nanhua Xi

Dean of Faculty of School of Mathematical sciences.