MA Program

The purpose is to offer students who hold the degree in mathematics (or related fields) an opportunity to broaden their knowledge in the several fields of mathematics and its applications by providing 30 credits courses at the upper-division and beginning graduate levels. The program is designed to prepare graduates for intending primarily as preparation for the Ph.D. program, teaching at the high school and junior college levels or for careers in business, industry, or government.



Pure Mathematics  Differential Geometry
   Algebraic K-Theory
   Harmonic Analysis
  Pure Maths (Experimental Class)
Computational Mathematics  Computational Maths(Experimental Class)
Probability and Mathematical Statistics  Stochastic Processes
   Non-parametric Statistics
   Statistical Inference and Differential Geometry
   Statistical Analysis of Complex Dada, Non-parametric and Semi-parametric Statistical Analysis
  Probability and MathematicalStatistics(Experimental Class)
 Applied Mathematics Symbolic Computation of Non-linearSystems

Mathematical Methods in Modern Computer Science, Network Optimization

  Computer-aided Geometric Design
  Applied Maths (Experimental Class)
Operational Research and Control Theory Optimization of Communication Networks
  Optimization Algorithms for Computer and Communication Networks
  Optimization and Dada Mining
  Robust Optimization
  Operational Research and Control Theory (Experimental Class)


 Professional MA Program


 Applied Statistics  Financial Statistics
   Social and Economic Statistics
   Statistical Quality Control and Risk Management



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