Prof. Gao Suixiang Lectures at the 9th Conference on mathematical programming of China

  • Created: 2012-04-23

The 9th Conference on mathematical programming of China has been held in the city of Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, China, April 21-24, 2012. This is the 9th of the mathematical programming conference series. Prof. Gao Suixiang gave a talk named “Mathematics in wireless communication network optimization”.


Nowadays, both the scale of network and the number of users of GSM networks in China have been the largest of the world. As the scale of networks and users expands, the network resources available are becoming less and less, making it the bottleneck of enlarging the GSM networks capacity. The objective of GSM/3G networks optimization is to find out the factors influencing the quality of the networks, adjust the network configuration and maintain the communication networks in steady and effectively states so as to improve the QoS for users. In this talk, Prof. Gao Suixiang studies the optimization of GSM/TD-SCDMA networks in Beijing and Guangzhou. First, he proposes a new adaptive propagation model to obtain a high-precision coverage map of field intensity. Then he builds a traffic matching model by utilization of Neighbor Cell Support (NCS) and Measurement Report (MR) data, obtaining a high-precision traffic map. On the basis of above work, he presents a nonlinear non-smooth multi-objective optimization model for optimization of antenna parameters and QoS of communication networks.


                                       Tiande Guo