Stochastic Operations Research

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Stochastic Operations Research


Course No.S070105ZJ006

Course CategoryProfessional Basic Course



Aims & Requirements

This course is intended for graduate students of mathematical sciences, while can also serve as an elective for students from areas like management sciences. Stochastic Operations Research has wide applications and rich content. This course mainly focuses on designing and optimizing stochastic models. Particularly, given a realistic problem in this area, we would talk about how to model and analyze it in order to solve it. By addressing that, this course can help students lay foundation for further research and solving realistic problems.

Primary Coverage

Chapter 1 Renewal Process and its Applications

Definition of Renewal Process, extreme behaviors, renewal reward theorem, application of renewal theory in queuing theory, reliability, stochastic storage.

Chapter 2 Principle of Stochastic Dynamics

In cases of discrete and continuous time,, Finite time stochastic dynamics principles under discount criterion, infinite time stochastic dynamics principles, stochastic dynamics principles under average criterion.

Chapter 3 Stochastic Comparison

Various definitions of stochastic sequences, properties of some closure operations, applications of stochastic comparison in queuing theory, decision theory, stochastic storage.


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AuthorHanqin Zhang (Academy of Mathematics and Systems Science)

DateMarch, 2010