Differential GeometryⅡ

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Differential GeometryⅡ


Course No.S070101ZJ003     

Course CategoryProfessional Basic Course

Period/Credits 40/2

Prerequisites Advanced Algebra, Linear Algebra, Curve Surface Theory, point Set Topology, Differential Geometry I.

Aims & Requirements

This is the specialized basic course for the master and doctor in correlation specialty of mathematics. It can also be the elective course for the master in correlation specialty such as theoretical physics. The range or modern differential geometry is wide, this course is the improvement of Differential Geometry I, mainly introduce the operator theory, geodesic, the preliminary of complex manifold and complex geometry.

Through this course, hoping the student can master the basic concept and basic skills, understand the modern development of differential geometry, as a basis for further study of modern mathematics and specialty research.

Primary Coverage

Chapter 1, Geometric operators on the Riemann manifold

Hodge star operator; Laplace-Beltrami operator; Hodge theorem and its application

Chapter 2, Geodesic and its application

the second order variational formulation of arc length; Jacobi field; conjugate point; index lemma; Hessian comparison theorem; Laplacian comparison theorem; Volume comparison theorem

Chapter 3, The preliminary of complex manifold and complex geometry

the concept of complex mainfold; almost complex manifold; Hermite and Kaehler metric; Ricci form; holomorphic sectional curvature; structure equation; Chen class; Kaehler submanifold.


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AuthorXiaoxiang Jiao (School of Mathematical Sciences, GUCAS)

DateApril 22, 2012