Fractal Theory and its Application

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  • Created: 2014-12-08
Fractal Theory and its Application


Course No.S070104ZJ0011

Course CategoryProfessional Basic Course


PrerequisitesElementary of functions of real variables, Probability theory.

Aims & Requirements

This course is concerned with the general theory of fractals and their geometry.

Primary Coverage

Mathematical background: Basic set theory; Functions and limits; Measures and mass; Box-counting dimensions, Hausdorff measures and dimension, Iterated function systems, Graphs of functions, Dynamical systems: Repellers and iterated function systems, The logistic map; Iteration of complex functions: Sketch of general theory of Julia sets.


Fractal Geometry: Mathematical Foundations and applications, K.Falconer, translated by Wenqu Zeng, Posts and Telecom Press, 2007.


[1] Fractal theory and its application, Xia Sun, Ziqin Wu and Yun Huang, China Science and Technology University Press, 2003.

AuthorJunxiao Zhao (School of Mathematical Sciences, GUCAS)

DateJune, 2010