An Introduction to Survival Analysis

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  • Created: 2014-12-08
An Introduction to Survival Analysis


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Course CategoryAdvanced Course      

Aims & Requirements:
In this course I will introduce statistical techniques in survival analysis, one of most popular techniques in biomedical research. One key feature in the survival analysis is censoring, which occurs if all we know about the survival time of a subject is that his/her survival time is greater than or less than a known value. In this course, I will discuss parametric, non-parametric, and semi-parametric models for survival data. Emphasis will be placed on understanding key assumptions in these methods and on using existing statistical software packages (e.g. Stata) for implementing those methods.

Primary Coverage
Lecture 1. Introduction and Definitions
Lecture 2. Theoretical aspects of survival analysis
Lecture 3. Parametric Survival Models
Lecture 4. Nonparametric Survival Models
Lecture 5. Comparisons of Two Survival Distributions
Lecture 6. Semi-parametric Cox Models
Lecture 7. Left Truncations
Lecture 8. Time-dependent Survival Models
Lecture 9. Assessing the goodness-of-fit of models
Lecture 10. Review and exam


                                          AuthorXiaohua Zhou