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Prof.Bill Casselman,University of BC
Inviter: 李文威 副研究员 


Introduction to recent work of Sakellaridis, Venkatesh, and Ngo


Time & Venue: 
2013.4.3/5/10/12/17/19 10:30am C610 


I propose to give approximately 6 lectures about recent work on integral representations of the unramified factors of automorphic L-functions. The main themes are work of Ngo, based on earlier work of Braverman and Kazhdan, on how Langlands L-functions L(s, π, ρ) are related to analysis on reductive monoids; and work of Sakellaridis (partly with Venkatesh) about analysis on p-adic spherical varieties. Since monoids are special cases of spherical varieties, these are closely related. 
One feature of the material is the appearance in analysis of functions on p-adic varieties associated to constructible sheaves. It is plausible that such functions, although not of compact support, will arise more and more frequently in harmonic analysis. It is not impossible that they will appear eventually in the Tarce Formula. 

Taken together, this work represents several new directions in the theory of automorphic forms.