Prof. Eric Opdam: Dirac induction for gr...

  • 创建时间: 2013-04-23
Prof. Eric Opdam,Korteweg-de Vries Institute for Mathematics, University of Amsterdam

Inviter:	方明 博士
Dirac induction for graded affine Hecke algebras

Time & Venue:
2013.4.24 10:30pm S712
The Dirac operator for graded affine Hecke algebras was introduced by Barbasch, Ciubotaru and Trapa (2010). Based on this construction we define Dirac induction for graded affine Hecke algebras, both algebraically and analytically. This has applications to harmonic analysis and points at a remarkable link between the representation theory of the Pin-cover of a Weyl group and the elliptic and discrete series characters of the associated graded affine Hecke algebras. In particular the discrete series representations can be constructed in this way. (Based on joint work with Dan Ciubotaru and Peter Trapa).