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Prof.Eric Opdam,Korteweg-de Vries Institute for Mathematics, University of Amsterdam

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Harmonic analysis and affine Hecke algebras

Time & Venue:
2013.4.23/26/29/5.3 2:30pm C110
We will discuss the Plancherel formula of an affine Hecke algebra and its applications to the harmonic analysis of reductive p-adic groups.We hope to discuss the following topics:

-Affine Hecke algebras.
-Hilbert algebra structure of an affine Hecke algebra.
-The abstract Plancherel formula.
-The trace on the Bernstein basis.
-The mu function of the Hecke algebra.
-Residue calculus for the trace functional, and the support theorem.
-The Schwartz completion of the Hecke algebra.
-The comparison theorem for algebraic and tempered extensions.
-The classification of the discrete series and their formal degrees.
-Borel's theorem and Hecke algebras of types for reductive p-adic groups.
-Unipotent representations of unramified absolutely quasi-simple groups.