Lie Group, Lie Algebras and Representations Theory

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Lie Group, Lie Algebras and Representations Theory


Course No.S070100ZJ005    

Course CategoryProfessional Basic Course         


PrerequisitesCalculus, Linear algebra

Aims & Requirements

This course provides an introduction to Lie groups, Lie algebras and representations theory, aimed at graduate students in mathematics and physics.

The theory of Lie groups plays a fundamental role in many areas of mathematics. The structure of complex Lie algebras is discussed. The heart of the course is a fairly complete treament of the fine structure of complex semisimple Lie algebras.

Primary Coverage

Chapter 1 General Theory

Real Lie Groups; Complex Lie Groups; Lie algebras; Lie subalgebras; Ideals; Quotient algebras; Simple algebras.

Chapter 2 Structure of Complex algebras

Nilpotent algebras; Weights; Cartan subalgebras; Cartan decomposition; Conjugate Theorem.

Chapter 3 Classification of Complex Semisimple algebras;

Root system; Simple Root system; Dynkin diagram; Classification Theorem.

Chapter 4 Compact Real forms

Real forms; Weyl basis; Chevalley basis; Compact Real forms.


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2. B.C. Hall, Lie Groups, Lie Algebras, and Representations, GTM 222. Springer (2003)

3. D.J. Meng, Introduction to Complex SemisimpleLie Algebra, Beijing University

Press, 1998.                                        


              Author: Liang XiaoMathematical School of GUCAS

Date Apiril,2012