The Mathematical Foundation of Nonlinear Waves

  • 申立勇
  • Created: 2014-12-08
The Mathematical Foundation of Nonlinear Waves


Course No.S070104ZJ004

Course CategoryProfessional Basic Course


PrerequisitesReal analysis and complex analysis, linear algebra.

Aims & Requirements

This course will provide an introduction about integrable properties of nonlinear wave equation.

Primary Coverage

Soliton wave and examples, Lax pair, Inverse Scattering Transformation, Backlund transformation, Liouville integrable systems, Lie-Group transformation of nonlinear PDEs and algebraic geometry method.


Introduction to nonlinear partial differential equations, Yucui GuoTsinghua University Press, 2008.


[1] SolitonsNonlinear Evolution equations and Inverse Scattering, M.J.Ablowitz, P.A.Clarkson, Cambridge university press.

[2] Solitons and Integrable System, Yishen Li, Shanghai Science and Technology Education Press.

[3] Soliton theory and its application, Chaohao Gu, Boling Guo and YishenLi, etc.,Zhejiang Science and Technology Press, 1990.

AuthorJunxiao Zhao (School of Mathematical Sciences, GUCAS)

DateJune, 2009